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Vecinos Financials

2022 Review and 2023 Budget

2022 Budget Recap

Thank you to all members who paid dues and made donations in 2022. We finished the year on budget for expense, below budget on dues, but above budget on donations and new member fees, resulting in a year end cash balance of $224,872 pesos to carry over into 2023.

2023 Budget Overview

Newly appointed Treasurer Neil Canter presented the proposed budget for 2023 at the annual meetng on February 23, 2023. The proposal was approved unanimously by the members present.

Revenue for 2023 is budgeted to increase 3 percent. Annual member dues are set in pesos at $13,000 for casas, $5,500 for apartamentos, and $2,800 pesos for lotes. Expenses are budgeted to increase by 27 percent if all planned projects are funded.

The budget projects a cash shortfall of approximately $100,000 pesos at the end of 2023, however, income from donaō¸°€ons has already exceeded the full-year budget (thanks to the success of the Keeping it Akumal event), and several significant expense items could be moderated if needed.

2023 Budget Detail

Pluma ($667,600). Vecinos spends the greatest portion of the budget on the operatioon of the pluma (the security gate at the entry to Akumal Norte). Members have consistently expressed that this is a top priority and it significantly enhances Akumal Norte’s image with tourists. During this time, the camera system, gate arms, caseta building, and topes have been upgraded, and additional improvements have been identified for 2023.

Government Project ($300,000). The next greatest anticipated expense for 2023 is the Government Project. It is imperative that Vecinos continue its work toward regularization of the community to assure a voice in local government. Please click here to learn more about this important effort and please donate if you can.

Infrastructure ($189,720). Infrastructure is the third largest expense for Vecinos. This includes road repairs, streetlight maintenance, and signage.

Administration ($189,620). Administrative costs include accounting fees, credit card processing fees, and costs for banking and member/board meetings, plus costs for a semi-annual community clean-up, community support (e.g., lights on the bridge to the Pueblo), and an emergency fund.

Community Center Building (CCB) ($107,951). The CCB houses the local Guardia Nacional contingent here in Akumal Norte. As part of the arrangement, Vecinos provides the building and pays for utilities.

Lights loan from 2018 (190,000). In 2018, Vecinos purchased and installed solar streetlights along Camino Yal-Ku. Funding for the project was provided, in part, by a generous loan from a Vecinos member. The loan will be repaid in 2023 when funding is available.

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