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Vecinos has established working committees to address the most pressing issues affecting our community. Committee membership is available to any member, whether living in Akumal Norte or anywhere else. Click on any of the committee chairs' names to email them, learn more, and get involved. Please pitch in and help make a difference!

Membership Committee
Scott Brown, Carly Flores

Engage with our current members, welcome new members into our community, and ensure that everyone feels valued and connected

Fundraising Committee
Monica Estrada, Dan Freeman, Monica Hendricks, Shirley Pogodinski, Nancy Poor, David Zucker

Organize fundraising events, seek out sponsorships and donations, and explore creative avenues to secure financial support for our association

Communication Committee
Neil Canter

Enhance and broaden communication from Vecinos to the community, and from the community to Vecinos

Finance Committee
Neil Canter, Tandy Muir-Warden, George Pritchard, Carmina Garma

Report on budget status, review unbudgeted project requests for financial feasibility, and ensure that the association meets all Mexican requirements for fiscal operations 

Security Committee
Scott Brown, Ricardo Mangione, Rocio Cue

Manage the pluma and address all issues related to Akumal Norte security, including the Guardia Nacional

Maintenance Committee
George Pritchard

Review maintenance projects, contracts, and design of repairs

Government Committee
Ingrid Datica

Establish Vecinos as the official, recognized representative of Akumal Norte with Tulum and other authorities - read the details here

Sewage Committee (subcommittee of Government Committee)
Ingrid Datica, Scott Brown, Monica Estrada, Jon Kantor, Peter Swenson, Beryl Van Lierop

Engage with neighbors, government groups (e.g., CAPA), and others to solve this critical environmental threat to our community

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