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Vecinos Priorities for a Brand New Day

Akumal Norte faces critical issues on autonomy, security, infrastructure, and environment


Vecinos staffs, manages, and maintains the security pluma, brought CAPA water and fast internet to the community, built the Community Center that houses the Guardia Nacional, and maintains roads, lights, signs, and parks. All of these are important contributions to our community that are deserving of support, but there are also critical new priorities of which  every community member needs to be aware:

Priority 1: Government Project

The Government Project is focused on formalizing the community's right of self-management with the municipal government in Tulum, maintaining the ability to provide municipal services, and determining future ownership and control of public spaces, including Yal-Ku Park, the Community Center, Bush Park, the road, and the Pluma. Vecinos is engaged with neighboring developers and is working toward solutions of mutual benefit, but must be afforded the standing to represent all Akumal Norte property owners, and the Government Project is the pathway to make this happen.

With the help of generous donations from the community, Vecinos engaged consultant Ivan Hernandez in 2022. Ing. Hernandez produced a comprehensive report on the legal status of Akumal Norte and its common spaces, and the key priorities that need to be addressed in order for the community to continue to thrive and maintain its autonomy. The key priorities identified by Ing. Hernandez are:

  1. Update of the Catastro (plat map) with the Tulum Municipality
  2. Public security, including the pluma and enhanced communication with law enforcement 
  3. Sanitary sewer project
  4. Solid and hazardous waste
  5. Urban development and image

Vecinos has begun to make plans to address the priorities and recommendations from Ing. Hernandez while continuing Vecinos’ ongoing work on security and infrastructure maintenance. 

Continuing this progress is vital to keeping the future of Akumal Norte in the community's hands, so an extension of Ing. Hernandez's contract was recently approved by the Vecinos Board. 

Vecinos has invested more than $360,000 pesos in this effort to date (more than  $21,000 USD) and it is  anticipated thatl $300,000 to $500,000 pesos ($17,500 to $30,000 USD) in additional consulting, legal and other expenses will be required to continue this critical work to preserve and protect the community as it currently exists. These costs exceed what Vecinos' budget can fund, so once again, Vecinos is asking for donations to sustain the project's momentum through 2023.

Please consider a financial contribution as Vecinos works through the establishment of a new relationship with Tulum, Akumal Norte's neighbors, and regularization of Akumal Norte. If a majority of owners contributed $2,500 to $3,500 pesos each ($150 to $250 USD), the project would be on solid footing. Please click here to donate as generously as possible.

Priority 2: Membership Dues and Donations

Membership dues covers 78 percent of the Vecinos annual budget, but so far, nearly 40 percent of invoiced 2023 dues remain unpaid. If you haven’t paid your dues, please click here to do so today. 

Member dues do not cover the costs of special projects outside of regular activities because the objective is to keep dues at an affordable level.  But member dues are essential to ongoing security operations (which were more than half of Vecinos expenses in 2022), maintenance of roads and lights, and other essential services.

Special projects in need of funding include the Government Project, detailed above, and the Security Hut on the playa side of the pluma, which has become dilapidated and requires almost immediate replacement. Vecinos is hoping to complete this project before the onset of the rainy season. If you can donate toward the building fund in order to keep the guards dry and comfortable, please click here:

Moving forward, Vecinos is brainstorming with property owners and others to establish a program that encourages visitors to be mindful and donate toward environmental protection. 

Priority 3: Membership Recruitment and Retention

Vecinos members own 69 percent of Akumal Norte casas, but only 57 percent of Akumal Norte apartamentos and 43 percent of Akumal Norte vacant lotes. So far in 2023, only two new members have joined the organization. A membership base of 85 percent or more of the community will give Vecinos critical traction when representing the community to the Tulum Municipality and other authorities. Vecinos has been reaching out to those who are not yet members to assure them that this is A BRAND NEW DAY and they need to be engaged with the community today. 

If YOU are not a member, the community needs you! Please consider everything Vecinos has done and is doing to preserve Akumal Norte and click here to join us - it's fast and easy and you'll be a part of protecting and supporting this special piece of paradise that we all love.

Priority 4: Community Input

Vecinos wants to hear from YOU. The long-awaited community survey is still in the works, but in the meantime, if you have a question or comment for Vecinos, please see the new Community Forums section of the website. If you cannot access this page, please contact

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