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It’s a Brand New Day!

Meet Vecinos new President, Ricardo Mangione

At the annual meeting on February 23, 2023 members elected new Akumal full-time resident Ricardo Mangione to the office of President for a twoyear term. Upon the retirement of longtime President Dan Freeman, new leadership was sought, and Mr. Mangione stepped up to the challenge. He is passionate about protecting the community and has committed 20+ hours per week to leadership of the Vecinos and the betterment of the Akumal Norte community.

Ricardo and his wife Monica hail from Miami, Fla. Ricardo has already begun to make a difference in the quality of life in the community, both by listening to all Vecinos members and others who have sought to bend his ear, and by physically working for the beauty of the neighborhood with the tidying of Pablo Bush Park and the two cleanup days in mid-March. He has challenged all neighbors to pick up litter and to clean out overgrown areas along the camino.

The President’s stated priorities for 2023 are:

Membership recruitment and retention. In order to fully represent the neighborhood to the Tulum Municipality and assure a voice in development and governance, Vecinos must increase membership and show strength in numbers. President Mangione has committed to getting to know and listen to every single member. Annual dues invoices were sent at the beginning of March, and as of the date of this publication, 52 percent have made payment. New members are needed, also. There has been much turnover in ownership around Bahia Media Luna in the last two years, and Vecinos must garner these new members. Please help spread the word.

Government project. The project must be moved forward strategically and expediently to solidify the status of the community of Akumal Norte. The recommendations of consultant Ivan Hernandez will be a focus. You can read the phase one report and learn more about the project here.

Fundraising. In order to continue with the routine projects that Vecinos performs for the community, plus further the Governmental Project, funding over and above that available from dues payments is necessary. A focus this year will include fundraising campaigns, and all will be encouraged to participate. These activities benefit all properties and businesses in the area.

Community survey. The community survey planned in 2022 was stalled, but will be revised and prepared for release in 2023. Please make sure that Vecinos has your correct email address on file (you can send it to so that you can receive and participate in the survey.

Ricardo has assured all members that his door is open for communication and he wants to hear from everyone about concerns or ideas. He encourages all to contact him via email at, via WhatsApp, or stopping by.

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