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Celebrating Financial Stability

The Art of Balancing Vecinos' Budget

As 2023 draws to a close, we are delighted to announce that we have once again achieved a balanced budget. This reflects our collective dedication, prudent management, and strategic planning that has positioned us for financial stability at the end of 2023 and into 2024. 

The diligent efforts of our treasurer, along with careful planning, has culminated in our ability to finish the year as projected. This speaks volumes about our commitment to responsible financial management and efficient utilization of resources. You will notice in the above charts that the majority of our budget goes to  security services. These expenditures have been thoughtfully scrutinized, insuring that our resources are allocated wisely to meet the needs of our community. This a testament to our community's resilience and adaptability and underscores our ability to remain agile in response to changing circumstances while staying focused on our financial objectives. 

We acknowledge and extend our gratitude to every member of our community whose contributions and donations have contributed to this financial success, and we encourage those of you that are not yet members of Vecinos of Akumal Norte to join us by clicking here. Our neighborhood thrives on the vibrant tapestry of our residents and theres no better way to actively participate and make a meaningful impact than by becoming part of our association. 

Akumal Norte currently has 66 houses, 190 condos, and 13 businesses. But only 44 of the 66 houses, 106 of the 190 condos and 8 of the 13 businesses are Vecinos members. Please help spread the word and encourage your neighbors to join Vecinos so that we can continue to make an impact in our community and if you’re reading this and are not a member please click here and join us in fostering a sense of community spirit, belonging, and collective progress by becoming a part of Vecinos today!

Here are some reasons why you should consider joining Vecinos:

  1. Strengthen community bonds by working towards common goals that enhance our neighborhoods appeal.
  2. Have a voice and a vote in our upcoming elections, suggest improvements, and contribute to discussions that impact our community - your voice matters!
  3. Shape the future with your valuable input and ideas are valuable for shaping policies, planning events and improvement of areas that benefit all residents.
  4. Enhance your property value by helping to keep a well-maintained and vibrant community that attracts buyers and drives property values.

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