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Prepare Now for Turtle Nesting Season

May through November

Akumal – Place of the Turtles 

During the night hours, sea turtles will begin arriving on the beaches of Half Moon Bay to dig nests and lay 100+ eggs. To keep the beaches friendly and hospitable to these beautiful and endangered creatures, please do your part:

  • Keep the beaches dark! Turn off all outside lighting at dusk or at least minimize it and change all bulbs to red or amber
  • Close your blinds / draperies when using indoor lights
  • Minimize walking on the beach after dark. When you need to be out, please don'tuse flashlights on the beach unless they are covered with a red filte
  • No flash photography
  • Keep the beaches quiet. After dark, keep noise levels low
  • No dogs on the beach. It is illegal to let your dogs on the beach. Even on a leash, they can threaten nests and turtles
  • Remove all furniture and sports equipment from the beach at dusk
  • Do not leave food or trash outside – it attracts animals that may harm turtles
  • Never approach a turtle on the beach, your presence may discourage her from nesting
  • Do not touch the nests – they are marked to assure no disturbance

To find out more about local turtle conservation, please visit the Centro Ecologico de Akumal:

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