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Candidates for Vice President

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Scott Brown

An association vice president must know how to plan and understand the budget, manage association finances, deal with disputes, discuss and carry out ideas and listen to the membership.  If elected, Scott would aim to work with the president and fellow board members to achieve the goals in this election platform during his first year in office.

Scott’s background makes him uniquely qualified for the job and there is nobody who knows Akumal Norte better than he does.  Scott first came here at the age of 7 and spent his entire childhood in our community, growing up with residents who are now involved in local government and businesses.  He has witnessed Akumal grow and change over the years and has a deep commitment to protecting the many attributes that make Akumal Norte such a unique and special place.

Back in the early 2000’s Scott was a paid employee of the neighborhood association that managed our little piece of paradise.  In this role he gained experience in everything from managing membership lists, to communicating with owners and government agencies. For the last 16 years, Scott has worked out of an office here in Akumal Norte for Locogringo and Akumal Direct.  His job gets him out and about in Akumal Norte 5 or 6 days a week, working with guests and owners, keeping his finger on the pulse of our community.  

Scott has been a member of Vecinos de Akumal Norte since 2021 when he and his wife, Marieke, bought a condo in La Hacienda de la Tortuga where he currently serves as HOA president.  Both Scott and Marieke are active in a wide range of community projects.  Most recently they have stepped up to chair the newly formed Akumal Collectivo Committee that provides affordable transit for tourists, local residents and school children

When asked why he is running for Vice President of the Vecinos board Scott said,

“Akumal has been my home for nearly 40 years, even though I don’t live inside the boundaries of Akumal, I live very close by, I’m here on the coast 80-90% of the year and most weeks I’m in Akumal 5-6 day a week.  Everyone who knows me knows that I’m easy to work with.  I’m running for VP of Vecinos because I feel that the organization is losing community support in recent years.  Our community has struggled recently with a lot of division and conflict.  My top goal in running for the board is to focus on communication and initiatives that will bring our community back together again.

To fulfill the obligations of serving as Vice President of Vecinos, Scott has committed in writing to be physically present in Akumal at least 4 days per week for at least 40 weeks per year.

Scott can be reached via email at <>.

            Roy D. Freeman

            I am running in the 2024 Vecinos election and I am asking for your support. My promise to you and our civil association membership is to serve Akumal Norte faithfully.

            To work with the Vecinos Board team working to achieve comprehensive plans: for short term daily community projects and maintenance, and long-term project planning. 

            • Projects:
              • Roads
              • Streetlights
              • Sewage system
              • Sidewalks
              • Underground electric
              • Renewing electric transformers
              •  Security Service
            • The creation of a Sewage fund in preparation for the future installation of a sewage system. (Raw sewage leaks into the bay and mangrove 24 hours a day. This pollution has been the greatest environmental problem the community has.)
            • Develop a Promotional & Marketing plan for Akumal Norte.
            • Create a community recycling program and building the structure to achieve it
            • Securing legal permits for various community projects.
            • Working to put electrical lines underground.

            USA cell: (302) 526-7935
            Mexico cell: (984) 177-5709

            Candidates for Secretary

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            Carly Flores

            Hello!  Carly Flores here, and I’d like to run for Secretary of Vecinos de Akumal Norte.

            I’ve owned a beachfront condo on Half Moon Bay for 27 years and have lived here full-time for the last 17 years.  I’ve been associated with AkumalNow newsletter since its beginning in 2014.

            From the time I was 14 yrs. old until I hit 79, I volunteered in my communities. During my working years, I held the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer of my local teachers’ union and was on the bargaining team, either as a member or chair for most of that time.  

            I am and have been a member of Vecinos since the beginning.   I’ve served as a Vocal on the Vecinos Board and attended many Board meetings whether I was an officer or not.

            I listen, and I’m honest and reliable. I’m also an all-around nice guy who bakes killer chocolate chip cookies!

            Carly Flores
            984-129-11 48

            Lisa Wilson

            Lisa is a retired marketing executive with professional experience in non-profit fundraising and membership development for environmental organizations.  She remains active in many U.S.-based environmental groups and recently joined the board of the Yucatan Environmental Foundation (YEF).  

            If elected to serve as Secretary, Lisa would focus on improving communications with the wider community about association goals and priorities.  She would not only record and publish detailed minutes of Board meetings but would also seek broader community engagement through surveys, shared membership profiles, and informal brainstorming events.  Lisa also hopes to apply her professional skills in non-profit development to help Vecinos boost membership recruitment and fundraising initiatives. 

            Lisa has been a member of Vecinos since 2018 when she and her husband, Alex, purchased Casa Fortuna and an adjacent lot.  She is also an active supporter of other local non-profits including the Hekabe Library, the Centro Ecologico de Akumal (CEA), and the HMB Sargassum Project.  

            When asked why she was running for a seat on the Board Lisa said,

            “I’m a nature girl.  I love hiking through the jungle to Laguna Lagartos at sunrise or snorkeling outside the reef in Half Moon Bay.  It’s a privilege to have such natural beauty right outside my door.  But the natural environment here in North Akumal has suffered significant damage in recent years.  If elected to the Board, I would work hard to make sure our community becomes a more responsible steward of the natural world around us.”

            Lisa and her husband Alex live in the suburbs of Washington, DC but are also permanent legal residents of Mexico and enjoy spending at least 4 months a year in North Akumal.  Lisa can be reached via email at <>.

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