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Pluma Gate Entry Process

Please be sure your guests are prepared to ensure a smooth start to their stay

In September 2023, Vecinos implemented a new process at the security gate to enhance the safety and security of our community. We believe that these changes will contribute significantly to maintaining a secure environment for all residents, guests, and workers.  We’ve since been monitoring daily activity and working with owners, manager, staff and guests, but we need your help and your property managers’ help to follow the process for yourselves, your workers, and your guests.  

Here are the key points of the security gate process:

  1. Vehicle registration and ID check. All vehicles entering Akumal Norte without displaying a security tag must stop at the gate and present identification to our security personnel. IDs and license plates will be photographed, which is standard security procedure in Mexico.

  2. Guest registration. Guests visiting our community are required to present an access form provided by the owners/managers, available for download by clicking here. Upon registration at the gate, guests will receive a red tag, which must be displayed on their vehicle's front window throughout their stay. Please emphasize the need for guests to return the red tags at the end of their stay.

  3. Administrator and worker registration. Administrators and workers are also required to present identification and identify the property where they work upon entry. Upon registration, they will receive a yellow tag to be displayed on their vehicle.

  4. Owner registration. All owners must register with identification. Upon registration, owners will receive a blue tag, which should be displayed on their vehicle's front window.

  5. Display of tags. It is mandatory for all vehicles to display their respective tags in the front window at all times while within Akumal Norte.

The security process aims solely to enhance the safety and security of our community. We’ve received some comments from a few owners, guests and staff that aren’t happy with the new protocols, and sometimes give our security.  Please remember these new protocols are to help improve the safety of North Akumal, its owners, its staff, and its guests and visitors.  

We appreciate your participation and your support.  Please reach out to any board member if you have any questions or concerns.

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