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Please Join Vecinos in Recognizing Dark Sky Week

April 15 to 22

A few of us were on the roof around midnight several weeks ago, hoping to spot the green comet in the sky. We failed. But one thing that was startling was the drastic increase in lightspill from the ground affecting the night sky. In Akumal Norte, the night has always been dark: perfect for stargazing, and healthy for humans and animals. It is apparent that this is changing, and Vecinos would like to remind all neighbors that it is not just the turtles that are impacted.

Light pollution has a negative effect on human circadian rhythm. Coming to Akumal to relax? Keep it dark at night for melatonin production and better sleep. 

Glare from poor light fixtures can dazzle pedestrians and drivers and make the road unsafe. Make sure your outdoor fixtures are angled downward, are shielded, and are fitted with bulbs that are amber rather than the stark blue/white light. Bulbs should be 3000 kelvin or less in color temperature.

Please help reduce the glow in Akumal by taking action in recognition of International Dark Sky Week, April 15 to 22, 2023. 

Here are the outdoor lighting guidelines from the International Dark Skies Association. Lighting should:

  • Only be on when needed
  • Only light the area that needs it
  • Be no brighter than necessary
  • Minimize blue light emissions
  • Eliminate upward-directed light

Please click here for lighting recommendations for Akumal Norte properties.

For more information, and suggested types of outdoor fixtures, visit the website of the International Dark-Sky Association at and

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