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Vecinos Dues Update

82% of members are up to date, but 18% are still outstanding

Vecinos depends on member dues to do everything we do for the community, including staffing and maintaining the Pluma, maintaining the Community Center that houses the National Guard, maintaining roads and lights, maintaining our ties with local government, and much more. 

Dues are $13,000 pesos for a casa, $5,500 pesos for a condo, and $2,800 pesos for a lote.

The bylaws amendments passed in February require that members be up to date on their fees to participate in the Annual Meeting of members. So, not only do your dues help us do all the things Vecinos does for Akumal Norte – they also preserve your voice and your vote our community.

We want your voice and we need your support. If you haven’t paid your 2023 dues yet, please do your part in the spirit of the holiday season. It’s easy to pay by credit card on the Vecinos website, by bank transfer, wire transfer, check, or cash. Just click here.

If you have questions, please email Vecinos treasurer Neil Canter at, or simply reply to the La Voz email, and he will do whatever he can to help. 

Muchos gracias! 

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