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Vecinos and CEA Team Up for New Recycling Program

Vecinos and CEA are working in partnership, as this program coincides with CEA’s mission, and is a component of the larger governmental project being undertaken by Vecinos. In order to show that Akumal Norte is a semi-independent and organized community, there must be a self-sustained recycling program. 

CEA has dispatched a volunteer, Esther Rivera, to poll residents in the neighborhood about recycling activities.  Esther holds a degree in sustainable development and ecotourism and started door-to-door poll regarding this program on May 30, 2023. Please let all property managers and caretakers know to welcome Esther, she will only be asking to have access to your trash cans.  You can read Esther's CV here.

Recently, a survey from CEA was emailed to Vecinos members to obtain some very preliminary data for them to do an initial evaluation of the trash service and recycling situation. Please fill out the survey by clicking here.

In addition, Vecinos is meeting with representatives of the various agencies of the Yal-Ku lagoon,  to simplify and increase recycling in Akumal Norte, through transport and use of their infrastructure to get the recyclables to the processing facilities.  

In the meantime, those who wish to recycle may drop off their aluminum cans, plastic beverage bottles (without the cap) and glass containers at the Akumal Cero facility in the pueblo. (More information: )

But, what to do with those plastic bottle caps?

Here in Akumal, a number of locals collect those remainder plastic bottle caps. The PET plastic caps from soda and water bottles, juices, milk, toothpaste, and more are transported to the collection point for Banco de Tapatias, a nationwide charitable organization that provides complementary services to children with cancer. (See more info here: ) 

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