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Candidates for Board Members-at-Large (a.k.a. Vocales)

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Monica Estrada


Monica was elected Secretary of Vecinos in 2022.  Highlights of her resume include:

  • Associate Degree in Hospitality Management, Southwest Institute 
  • Texas Realtor since 2002
  • Akumal Villas Vacation Rentals Reservations 2007-2009
  • Coco Propiedades Property Management & Rentals, President and Owner since 2012
  • ADMAK (Akumal Property Managers Association) Founder & Secretary since May 2015
  • NAS (North Akumal Security) Assisted raising money from Businesses and Owners 2015-2018
  • As ADMAK member worked along Vecinos de Akumal Norte President Dan Freeman since 2016
  • Vecinos de Akumal Norte honorary member since 2016
  • Assisted with coordination of Solar Lamps for Akumal Norte 2017
  • Worked on Promotion Project #Come2Akumal in 2020
  • Created FB page Vecinos de Akumal Norte March 2021
  •  Vecinos de Akumal Norte Government Committee member since 2019 

Jean Patrick

Jeanie Patrick's first visit to Akumal was truly magical. She and her husband, Allen, arrived on our sandy shores iback in 1995 to celebrate their son's wedding to the girl of his dreams. This auspicious beginning led to regular vacation visits and, in 2017, to property ownership at Playa Caribe. Jeanie and Allen have now forged strong friendships with many of the co-owners at Playa Caribe and, in 2020, Jeanie stepped up to the plate to become HOA president.

Jeanie's many years of professional experience as Executive Vice President at W.W. Willams Company will serve her in good stead as a member of Vecinos board. Beginning in the 1980s, Jeanie's work on establishing manufacturing partnerships brought her to Mexico on a regular basis where she quickly learned to navigate Mexican culture and government bureaucracies on behalf of her employer.

Jeanie's been retired for a while now but has never been one to sit still. So, in retirement, she's gotten involved in a range of other businesses, including a chain of frozen yogurt shops. The project that's most near and dear to her heart, however, began in 2003 and allowed her to build on her love of watercolor painting by opening an art gallery in the Columbus OH arts district. In fact, her love of watercolor painting is sure to inform her work on the Vecinos board, as well.

Jeanie is running for a seat on the board of Vecinos because she is committed to keeping Akumal Norte the quiet and colorful paradise it has always been. And when asked why she is running for a seat on the board, Janie reflected on her hobby:

"In the world of watercolor painting there is no such thing as a mistake. The brush stroke that might have looked wrong when you first splashed it across the page, can always be turned upside down to create something new and lovely. I am a firm believer that good things always flow from creative energy and I'm now ready to give my creative energy to Akumal Norte, a community I have come to know and love."

 Jeanie can be reached via email at <>

Liane Perry

Liane Perry and her husband Chad have been owners in La Bahia on Half Moon Bay since 2020.  Her profound appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of Akumal Norte has led her to become active in the effort to save the bay from the environmental damage caused by global warming and over fertilization in other parts of the world.  She has been on the HMB Sargassum Committee for two years, and has recently joined the board of directors of EPA, the corporation operating the sargassum barrier.  She was able to bring her experience with contracts and complex high-dollar value transactions to help ensure a safe purchasing process for the donors in Akumal Norte.  She is committed to serving Akumal Norte by contributing leadership and finding common sense answers that will strengthen and unite our special community.  Other experience includes:

  • 35 year career in data center storage sales and sales management, with experience in contracts, negotiations, and high dollar value transactions with government and private entities.
  • 25 years in music-based non-profit organization in many leadership roles, including fundraising, internal management team member (20 years), musical director, event coordinator and adjudicator.
  • Property manager of three rental properties owned by her and is the current owner of another sole proprietorship based business.
  • Originally from Southern California, has been coming to Mexico since 1985.  She fell in love with Akumal when coming to swim with the turtles in 2014.  

George Pritchard

My wife and I have been coming to Akumal for over 20 years. We have been owners for 12 years. We currently spend about 6 months a year in Akumal. I am currently Treasurer for La Bahia Condos and have been for the last 9 years. I am president of La Bahia Building Company S.A. de C.V. and a permanent resident of Mexico.  I have served on the Vecinos Board of Directors for the last 4 years. 

Before I retired in 2006, I was in construction management my entire business career. I have served on both local and reginal non-profit boards. One of the boards I served on for 7 years was the Mid-America Show board. This 6-member board produced trade shows in 11 states. I also was an instructor for the National Swimming Pool Institute (NSPI) for 6 years.

George Pritchard

Mike Stone


My name is Mike Stone. I am an owner at La Iguana Condominiums since 2006. I've been a member of the La Iguana Condo Association for over a decade and was the president for 6 years. My wife and I first came to Akumal in 1999. We have come back every year since. 

When we purchased in 2006 we were working in the US so ended up renting the unit out when we were not here.  We stopped renting our condo in 2017 since we have been spending more time in Akumal then the US. Since I've retired in 2020 we are basically full-time in Akumal (at least 10 months of each year).  

I have been a member of the Vecinos since 2016. I attended some of the meetings at Casa Gatos and helped in collecting donations for things like the road and the water line back before we had annual dues. 

I have not been involved much since covid and injuring my knee. But, I would like to get involved with the community again.

Peter Swenson

Peter is a current member of the Vecinos Board. Peter and his wife, Barbara, bought their condo at Mi Casa del Mar in 1999 to enjoy the diving and the local culture, and now split time between Akumal and their home in Boulder Colorado. They typically spend 4-5 months in Akumal a year.  Peter is a semi-retired consultant in the nuclear engineering field, having spent his professional life as an executive in large programs world-wide. He is currently supporting the design of the next generation fast breeder reactor for ARC Clean Energy. Previous assignments include:

      • Program Director, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
      • Head of Project Office, ITER experimental fusion reactor, Cadarache France,
      • Deputy Director, FIFA World Cup, Doha Qatar
      • Director, Contracts and Procurement, CH2MHILL, Denver Colorado
      •  Director, Rocky Flats Plant, Golden Colorado

Senior Consultant Positions:

  • Paris 2024 Olympics
  • Dubai Work Expo 2020
  • West Valley Nuclear Plant
  • Express Canada Pipeline

Beryl van Lierop

  • Current member of Vecinos Board
  • Attended schools in Buenos Aires, Beirut, New York, Mississippi 
  • Bilingual Spanish/English 
  • Graduated in Political Science/Spanish 
  • Taught in the International Baccalaureate program in Jackson, Mississippi  public schools.
  • Chairman foreign language department Jackson Public Schools
  • Led student and college alumni tours of Yucat√°n/QR.
  • Board member Belhaven Heights Home Owners Association 
  • Owned Yal Ku Cai condo 2 since 1994.  Permanent resident since retirement in 2006.
  • President of Yal Ku Cai condos
  • Member of Vecinos and Akumal council until their dissolution 
  • Vice President Vecinos de Akumal Norte 2016-2021
  • Presiding President of Vecinos de Akumal Norte Annual Meeting

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