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Please Help Keep Akumal's Skies Dark

Save the magic of stargazing and protect our turtles

Prevent light spill and light pollution! 

Only have lights on when needed
Only light the area that's needed
Have lights no brighter than necessary
Minimize blue light emissions
Use amber color
Minimize upward-directed light

Please keep light confined to your own property

Do not allow light to trespass into the street, onto your neighbor's property, onto the plays, or out over the bay

Area Lighting

  • Studies have shown security is NOT enhanced by adding lighting
  • Keep fixtures pointing downward and away from the road

YES! Consider purchasing a solar streetlight from Vecinos for outdoor areas that need lighting

NO!  These lights cause light spill into the road and affect vision of pedestrians and drivers

Wall Mounted Lighting

  • Fixtures should be focused downward and be no brighter than necessary
  • Use amber color

YES! These sconces are shielded and direct light downward

NO! These sconces direct light upward, and affect the beauty and charm of the Akumal night sky

Pathway Lighting

  • Fixtures should be focused downward and be only as bright as needed for safety
  • Avoid use of floodlights and floodlight fixtures
  • Use amber color

All of these are examples of neighborly path lighting

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