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Maintaining Our Road

Major Repair Needed in Front of Playa Caribe

Most people take our road for granted when they drive a car, drive a golf cart, ride a bike, or take a walk.

But years ago, Akumal Norte's road was just a dirt path filled with ruts and holes. You were lucky if you made it to your home without having to repair your car. Bicycles, golf cart, scooters, and wheelchairs couldn't use it at all. And that's how it remained until some forward-thinking owners combined their resources to pave it, a project which took years to complete.

Today, most of us still do not think about the road. But like all roads, ours needs repairs and ongoing maintenance. Because of the "in between" public/private status of our community (please click here to learn more), Vecinos maintains our road with no help from Tulum. It's one of the essential services Vecinos provides, and it wouldn't be possible without members paying their dues and members and other community members making donations.

Road Work in 2023

Road work funded by Vecinos members' dues and community donations in 2023 included:

    • Reshaped topes near the Pluma to make them less abrupt to protect your car's suspension and your back, and added pavement marking tape to make them more visible at night and help prevent collisions with the Pluma gates
    • Replaced clogged or broken drainage inlet grates to reduce flooding and the safety and repair issues that come with it

    • Replaced many solar lights (with more to come in 2024) and replaced and refinished many of their mounting poles to keep the road safe and beautiful

Road Work in 2024

In 2024, we are facing a major road challenge that everyone should be aware of.  

The road in front of Playa Caribe is sinking into a cenote beneath it and is in urgent need of repair. The road will be broken open, a concrete bridge will be built over the cenote below, and the road will be rebuilt on top of it. This is a major undertaking that will require weeks of work and an estimated $100,000 pesos. Experiencias Xcaret Parque and Adventuras Mayas, Vecinos members who run vans to Yalku Lagoon, have volunteered to help us with supplies and equipment, but Vecinos will need to provide all remaining funding. We are scheduling the work for after high season to reduce the disruption it will inevitably cause.

Please Pitch In!

If you can help with a donation, please click here.

And the next time you get on your bike or golf cart, get in your car, or take a walk, please take a moment to think about the years of hard work and money donated by many owners and Vecinos to make it possible. 

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