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Annual Meeting Report

Members Elect 2024-25 Board of Directors

Vecinos 2024 Annual Meeting was held on February 22, 2024 in-person at La Buena Vida restaurant and via Zoom teleconference. The meeting was attended by 106 members out of 126 members eligible to participate and 140 members in total.

Tandy Muir-Warden, Ingrid Datica, Monica Estrada, Beryl Van Lierop, Ricardo Mangione, Peter Swenson, George Pritchard, and Jon Kantor at the annual meeting

President's Report

Vecinos Presidente Ricardo Mangione welcomed members and thanked the staff who put the meeting together and Director of Elections Jon Kantor. He reviewed 2023 progress on Security, Government, and Maintenance efforts, and listed his 2024 priorities.


  • Improved physical Pluma, including new gate arms and motors, a new roof and water tank for the caseta
  • Replaced and added solar lighting
  • Changed security company from Target to AR, which has an operations center that keeps vehicles and driver IDs in a central database
  • Supported Guardia Nacional's presence in Akumal Norte by paying most of their expenses at the Community Center Building
  • Need all owners to ensure that guests are prepared with entry form to speed entry process - form is available online by clicking here

Government Project (see below)

  • Goal is to become a public/private hybrid - read details by clicking here
  • Seeking formal approval from municipality to run Pluma, which will enable us to get liability insurance
Maintenance (see below)
  • Replaced many lights and lightpoles
  • Improved problematic topes near Pluma
  • Successful community cleaning of street, jungle and parks, with help from Xcaret group on cleaning of Yalku Park

2024 Priorities

  • Member recruitment
  • Fundraising, especially for building a sidewalk to address safety concerns from cars, bicycles, and pedestrians sharing the road
  • Sewage - Government Committee is studying need and alternatives

Government Committee Report

Government Committee chairperson Ingrid Datica reported on status of government efforts. Please click here to read about the Government Project. Key elements include:

  • Catastro - need all owners to have their property titles in order so boundaries of Akumal Norte can be accurately defined
  • Sewage - see separate story in this issue
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste - completed recycling plan in conjunction with CEA in September
  • Urban Image - Working with Universidad La Salle Cancun to develop designs for sidewalks, lighting, roads, etc. - see separate story in this issue

Maintenance Committee Report

Maintenance Committee chairperson George Pritchard reported on the status of maintenance issues (see separate story in this issue):

  • Community clean-up event in the Spring was a big success - cleaned road from Pluma to Community Center - thanks to all volunteers and donors
  • Installed 28 new lights and brackets with 19 left to go - may need a new light manufacturer
  • Problem topes near Pluma replaced - thanks to Lou Vitale for funding and managing project
  • Topes test with reflective pavement marking tape was a success - tape outlasts paint - thanks to Akumal Sunshine for providing labor for test
  • Replacing missing and clogged drainage grates
  • Major road problem near Playa Caribe - road is settling into cent underground - work to be done after high season is over - Xcaret and Aventuras Mayas (Yalku van companies) are willing to help with equipment and materials
Treasurer's Report

Vecinos Treasurer Neil Canter reported on 2023 financial results and presented a proposed budget for 2024-25 - see separate story in this issue

Board Elections

Elections were held for Vice President, Secretary, and five Vocales.

  • Scott Brown was elected Vice President for a two-year term
  • Carly Flores was elected Secretary for a two-year term
  • Ingrid Datica, George Pritchard, and Monica Estrada were elected Vocales for two-year terms
  • Beryl Van Lierop and Peter Swenson were elected Vocales for one-year terms

Thanks to all the candidates for board positions for their willingness to serve, and congratulations to the winners. The complete 2024-25 Vecinos Board of Directors can be viewed by clicking here.

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