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The costs of the Government Project are not included in Vecinos' annual budget because we strive to keep member dues low. However, we need to raise $500,000 pesos for the next phase of the project.

Please click here to donate as generously as you can and help keep Akumal Norte as we all know it and love it. Thank you!


The purpose of the Vecinos Government Project is to establish and maintain agreements with the Tulum municipal government and other authorities that benefit and protect North Akumal’s character, environment, security, and quality of life. To do this, we must establish Vecinos as the recognized legal representative for Akumal Norte (including both Vecinos member and non-members) and build the consensus among owners on prioriites and plans that the Tulum authorities will eventually demand. 

One of the key goals of the project is to maintain Akumal Norte's independence by avoiding municipalization. Please click here to learn more about municipalization and what it would mean for our community.

The project has been broken into two phases.

      Phase one was a study Vecinos commissioned from a consultant in 2021 at a cost of approximately $250,000 pesos to assess the current situation and identify key areas for action. The report was funded from the Vecinos budget and was delivered in June 2022.

      Please click here for a summary of phase one findings. Or click below to read the full report and supporting documents.

      6-10-2022 Consultant's Akumal Norte Diagnostic Report.pdf
      6-10-2022 Consultant's Akumal Norte Diagnostic Report - Mapping Appendix.pdf

      7-19-2022 PresentaciĆ³n al Mpio - Espanol.pdf
      7-19-2022 Presentation to Municipality _ English.pdf

      Phase two will complete the upgrades the phase one assessment report identified. Our consultant and Vecinos representatives will meet with the Tulum mayor and his directors to ask for for their help to achieve as legal and independent status for Akumal Norte as soon possible and to make this status permanent for this and all Tulum administrations to follow.

      Campaigning to bring our membership up to at least 85% of the community will demonstrate to authorities that Vecinos represents the entire Akumal Norte community, including both Vecinos members and non-members.

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