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President's Blog

Thoughts on current community topics from new Vecinos President Ricardo Mangione

  • 09-Jun-2023 10:13 PM | Anonymous member

    Hi all, I am happy to inform that we now have five turtle nests in Half Moon Bay. We all have to accept the fact that there are multiple factors for why we don’t have as many turtle nesting spots as years past. The Sargassum on the beach, the new barrier, and the increase in boat traffic have all affected the turtles nesting habits. No one can say for sure, but NicteHa recently did a sargasso clean up in front of their condos and the next day they had a turtle nest. Without a good beach cleanup effort (and I don’t mean to throw the sargasso back into the water as we have seen!)  we can’t really evaluate and find out the main reason of Turtles not nesting as frequently as before. As I have said before, and I will continue to say, Vecinos will help with the logistics of setting up the cleaning efforts of Sargassum on the beach in Half Moon Bay. It is the condos and  home owners responsibility to clean the beach of sargasso. Owners need to come to an agreement that this is what they want to do and finance this initiative. I took it upon myself to ask a sargassum cleanup crew how much they would charge for the service, the cost is $2300 Mexican pesos per truckload and that includes workers to pick up the Sargasso, and the disposal of it. I am happy to contact the removal service and help to set up the logistics. Feel free to reach out to me for help. We can all do this together.

  • 05-Jun-2023 1:13 PM | Anonymous member

    I am deeply saddened to report that our long time friend and neighbor Terry Richardson, passed away on Saturday night as he lived: with dignity and purpose.

    The world and our community are better off because Terry was a part of them. Terry was a pillar of our community, he created our security program and contributed to Akumal Norte in countless other ways as well. We will always remember his generosity, his quiet wisdom, and his kindness.

    We extend our deepest condolences to Terry's wife Din, their family and Terry's many close friends in Akumal and beyond.

  • 21-Mar-2023 10:19 AM | Anonymous member

    It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of our friend and neighbor David Barron this past Sunday. Although I only  recently met him I could tell that he lived an extraordinary life alongside his wife Tandy. There is no bigger sorrow than someone going away forever……He will be greatly missed.

  • 11-Mar-2023 3:36 PM | Anonymous member

    Dear Members:

    As part of phase 2 of our governmental project, one of the most important aspects is the image of our community. For this reason, we will be spearheading a cleaning campaign starting on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 of 2023. We have asked all members, owners, and property managers to help with this campaign.

    We want everyone to get involved and participate!! Your collaboration is invaluable!!

    Many owners and property managers will be donating the use of their employees and trucks to remove the trash and debris. If you have not yet indicated your participation, I am encouraging you to do so.  We need help organizing and taking care of our workers. 

    In addition to labor, we need donations of water, sodas and sandwiches for the helpers and volunteers. Please bring reusable water bottles if attending.

    This is a new era in our community and by working together we will be able to achieve our goals which includes being proud of this amazing community we Iive in! 

    Please step up and get involved!!.  See you guys out there!


    Ricardo Mangione, President

    Vecinos de Akumal Norte

  • 08-Mar-2023 9:21 PM | Anonymous member

    Hello everyone!!!

    I just want to say thank you for putting your trust in me as the new President of Vecinos. A new era of unity and accomplishment has begun. Over the coming months, I will keep you informed via emails, the website, the president’s blog and president’s briefs about our progress on all the activities and projects we have planned. I plan to be very active in communicating with the entire Akumal Norte community, Vecinos members and non-members alike.

    As I said at the Annual Meeting, our priority is building our membership. Increasing our membership will give us the power to complete all the projects that we are planning over the next year. I am actively working on a membership survey that will be available to all of you very soon. Please take the time to complete it when it’s announced – it is very important for defining our future plans.

    Another very important need is re-engaging in improving the image of our community. Some renters have complained specifically of overgrown vegetation in Pablo Bush Park, so I went out with my gardener this Saturday to clear up trash and other debris in the area. 

    I encourage each of you to take the initiative on this challenge, as well. If you see trash, please pick it up! If there’s an overgrown area close to you, I challenge you to help make it cleaner! If we all work together, we can accomplish great things. I will be implementing community cleanup days in the coming months and I hope you will be willing to join. And if you’re out of town, we could always use the help of your gardener/maintenance worker.

    With my best regards,

    Ricardo Mangione

  • 10-Dec-2022 8:41 AM | Anonymous member

    At the 2022 Annual members meeting. The board made a commitment to our members. We promised to modernize and update our information systems. 

    You are viewing today one of the systems included in our CRM programs. The new Vecinos website.

    At 3:00 PM Akumal Norte time Monday December 12th we will launch our new web site after the launch members will receive an email with directions as to how you sign in to the private membership area of the web site. The directions  will instruct you how to access,  navigate and update your membership information.

    The web site is a comprehensive system delivering information from the Vecinos staff about all facets of the associations work, reports and history of Vecinos. The system includes an area where you can impute your questions directly to the Vecinos board or committee chairs.

    There is still work to be done to continue updating and correcting information. The site is a living and breathing project that will continue to need correcting and updating by all of us.

    I hope you will be as excited as I am about all the new systems. Some people see us as a Mom and Pop operation and we are with one exception we are Mom and Pop of today not yesterday, see you in Akumal Norte.

    Your Amigo


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