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Neighbors of North Akumal

Cleaning Campaign March 16

11-Mar-2023 3:36 PM | Anonymous member

Dear Members:

As part of phase 2 of our governmental project, one of the most important aspects is the image of our community. For this reason, we will be spearheading a cleaning campaign starting on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 of 2023. We have asked all members, owners, and property managers to help with this campaign.

We want everyone to get involved and participate!! Your collaboration is invaluable!!

Many owners and property managers will be donating the use of their employees and trucks to remove the trash and debris. If you have not yet indicated your participation, I am encouraging you to do so.  We need help organizing and taking care of our workers. 

In addition to labor, we need donations of water, sodas and sandwiches for the helpers and volunteers. Please bring reusable water bottles if attending.

This is a new era in our community and by working together we will be able to achieve our goals which includes being proud of this amazing community we Iive in! 

Please step up and get involved!!.  See you guys out there!


Ricardo Mangione, President

Vecinos de Akumal Norte

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