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Neighbors of North Akumal

Vecinos gratefully acknowledges and thanks the following community members who stepped up and saved the day by making donations beyond normal dues payments to support special needs in 2022.

Extraordinary CCB CFE Charges

Government Project

Yool Caanal # 3

Nancy Frazee Poor

La Iguana #3

Stacey Albelais

Casa Mariposa

Jon Kantor

Casa Mariposa

Larry and Karen Kantor

Casa Cascadas

Neil and Lisa Canter

La Hoya #5

Julie Westover

Yool Caanal #2

Carly Flores

La Mirage #4

Tandy Muir-Warden

Yalku Cai #1

Beryl and Suzanne Van Lierop

Casa Caribe #4

Kameron and Michael Patrick

La Sirena #12

Phyllis Johnson

La Sirena #2

Laura Flores

La Sirena #1

David and Diana Walters

La Sirena #5

Mary Sue Northcutt

La Sirena #16

Linda Pokrajac

Aventuras Mayas

Director of Finance

La Bahia # 1

Steve Stadick and Trisha Downey

La Bahia # 2

David and Kelly Miller

La Bahia # 4

George and Josie Pritchard

La Bahia # 5

Sharon Sloan

La Bahia # 6

Lisa Villahermosa and Richard Wright

La Bahia # 7

Mark and Jennifer Wazny

La Bahia # 8

Jonathan Walters

Casa Mariposa

Mariposa Owners Association

Yool Caanal #1

Sheree L. Gibson 

Casa Gatos

David Zucker

La Sirena # 17

Suzette and Steve Kappes

Yal Ku Cai #1E and 3

Char Fried  and Jose Perez

Las Vigas

Arlene and Richard Pargot

Las Cuoulas

Jorge Alberto Calles Gomez

Casa Christensen

Amy, Eloise and Anne

Casa Cascadas

Neil and Lisa Canter

La Sirena # 9

Lynda J. Kearney

The Reef unit F

Jon Wiberg

Casa Colores

Michelie Rodriguez, Susan Hogeland

La Iguana #3

Stacey Albelais

Luna Azul #3

Barbara and Tom Miller

Yalku Cai #1

Beryl and Suzanne Van Lierop

Las Cupulas

Garibay Y Lastra Elizabeth Antares

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