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Vecinos and CEA team up to create recycling program

Delivers on one of the key priorities of the government initiative

One of the main projects we need to tackle as part of our government initiative is to create a recycling program in Akumal Norte. We are pleased to announce that Vecinos and CEA are joining together in a combined effort to establish this very important program. 

On Monday May 29, a volunteer from CEA will be going around to various houses and condos to collect information regarding how much waste each property produces. We are aware that many owners are not here, so they will work with your property managers to collect this information. 

Here is a quick 3-question questionnaire (in Spanish) that CEA would like everyone to answer: Please click here to answer the questions. Please help us to gather the information we need so that we can proceed in a timely manner.

Here is the English translation of the survey questions:

1. Do you have knowledge about the separation of waste and the recycling process?

        • Yes
        • No
        • Maybe
2. Do you think recycling positively influences the environment?
        • Yes
        • No
        • Maybe
3. What aspects do you think make the separation/classification of waste difficult?
        • Lack of space for so many bags
        • Waste of time
        • Not knowing how to do it
        • Lack of knowledge of benefits for the future
        • Not knowing where to take the bags
        • Nothing hinders
        • Other
The information collected in the survey will determine the logistics and infrastructure needed to establish a recycling program.

More information will be given in the weeks to come.

Here is the letter from the head of CEA announcing the project and the CV of the volunteer who will help carry out the project. 

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