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AsociaciĆ³n de Vecinos de Akumal Norte A.C.

North Akumal Neighbors Association

Vecinos is a non-profit Civil Association (A.C. under Mexican law) formed by the property owners of Akumal Norte and legally recognized by the municipality of Tulum. With this recognition, Vecinos is responsible for the completion of Akumal Norte development and with all service issues and maintenance for the community.

We are building and completing the community’s infrastructure by private fundraising from the community on a project by project basis. Following is a list of completed and ongoing projects.

Although recycling and security are part of community service issues, as a we are already a maturing community, their importance makes them issues that need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Therefore, they are included alongside the infrastructure projects.

Vecinos' community work in action:


Underground water delivery system serviced by CAPA

  • In service since 2017

Road paving with restyled topes and tope signs

  • Completed in 2018 and 2019
  • Now maintained by Vecinos

Solar Street Lights 

  • 72 lights now in place
  • Designed to be ecologically sound and avoid interfering with turtle nests
  • Initial lights paid by individual owners as a special project coordinated by Vecinos
  • Most recent 20 lights paid from Vecinos budget
Akumal Norte Community Center
  • Completed August 2020
  • 50 seat community room
  • Vecinos offices
  • Has become Guardia Nacional headquarters after Vecinos letter to Mexican president Lopez-Obrador, who responded by guaranteeing all permits and licenses for the project at no cost to the community
  • When Guardia Nacuional relocates to Pueblo in the future, the Community Center will return to originally planned use

Fiber Optic Line for Central Akumal and Akumal Norte

  • Vecinos circulated a survey for Telmex to bring fiber optics to our community
  • 178 residents responded, of that group 123 are for the optic upgrade and 55 were for new phone lines with fiber optics.
  • Survey forms were submitted by Vecinos to the Telmex representative in charge of their fiber optic installation program
  • High speed internet is now available to all residents

Yalku Park Improvements (click to learn more...)

  • New benches have been added
  • Several new initiatives underway

Parking Lot for Yalku Lagoon Tour Vans (click to learn more...)

  • Tour vans for Yalku Lagoon were parking on the street creating a nuisance and blocking access by emergency vehicles
  • Vecinos convinced Xcaret Yalku to build an off-street parking lot to take the pressure off the road 


Government Project (click to learn more...)

  • Goal is to establish Vecinos as the recognized, permanent legal representative for Akumal Norte (including both Vecinos members and non-members) with government and other authorities
  • Critical to build consensus among owners on priorities and plans, which Tulum authorities will eventually demand
  • The project has been broken into two phases. 
  • Phase one is complete - phase two is upcoming
Central Sewage System (click to learn more...)
  • Vecinos is working with government officials on a public system and is in discussions with the developers of the 100-acre property on the jungle side of the road to potentially join a private system

    Recycling Program

    • Most Akumal Norte properties sort solid waste into multiple bins, but most is picked up by municipal garbage trucks that dump it all into landfill, so there is no benefit to sorting
    • Vecinos is working with CEA to arrange a certified local pickup service that handles recyclables properly and to establish guidelines for owners to sort their solid waste 
    Naming of Roads
    • Vecinos has requested a meeting with Urban Development officials to learn the rules and regulations set forth by the municipality regarding the naming of roads and the development of uniform house or lot numbers
    • Would mean better directions for residential and business deliveries and for tourists arriving in Akumal Norte

    New Entry Bypass Road for Akumal Norte

    • Early in discussion phase

    Please Join Vecinos!

    It takes all of us participating to build a neighborhood

    Even if you only live here part time, it is still your neighborhood

    Please click here and join us!

    Call us:  +1 (786) 413 4051
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