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Central Sewage System

Vecinos is working with both government officials on a public system system and with the developers of the 100 acre property on the jungle side of the road that includes Laguna Lagartos to potentially join a private system

Public System

  • Vecinos worked with Central Akumal to complete a system that would service Central Akumal, Akumal Norte and Akumal Pueblo. 
  • Surveyors marked out the system in Akumal Norte 
  • The system would work for environmental protection for our mangrove, reef and bay and Yalku Lagoon. 
  • However, government delays (expect four years minimum) have made it sensible to pursue a private system as well

Private System

  • Development of 100 acre property on jungle side of the road will include a private sewage system
  • Vecinos is exploring the possibility of Akumal Norte connecting to it and is sharing flow rates and other details
  • Cost of connecting to private system likely to be more reasonable than cost of connecting to a government system
  • Timing expected to be similar or possibly quicker to than a government system, so Vecinos is pursuing both options
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